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Are We Reading Or Just Tweeting Articles? No comments yet

twitter article reading Are We Reading Or Just Tweeting Articles?A recent research by the web analytics company Chartbeat suggests that people often tweet articles without even reading them. Chartbeat offers real-time web traffic statistics for sites, giving details on time spent on the page, if users scroll down the page, where they click after reading, video playback and more in order to estimate if the page content is actually read. Their results show that people are actually often tweeting things only after a few seconds of “reading”.

It seems almost unbelievable, but they say they have found no correlation between tweets (and other forms of social sharing) and the actual reading of the articles whatsoever. One of the leading scientists at Chartbeat, Josh Schwartz, said that there’s an obvious link between number of tweets and the amount of traffic that an article gets, “but just not a relationship between stories that are most heavily consumed and stories that are most heavily tweeted.”

BuzzFeed and UpWorthy have also started tracking the same kind of engagement indicators and their findings show that users who have read about 25% of an article are more likely to tweet it than users who have spent more time or no time reading the content. But they have also found that even more visitors share after reading the entire article (about 3.5 minutes spent). However, this could mean that they have read everything or nothing at all.

LinkedIn Acquires Bright, Releases 2013 Earnings No comments yet

linkedin blue silhouet LinkedIn Acquires Bright, Releases 2013 EarningsA few days ago LinkedIn announced that it’s going to acquire Bright – a company founded in 2011 that uses big data and artificial intelligence to connect job seekers and employers. The founder of Bright Eduardo Vivas commented on the acquisition: “We’re excited to join LinkedIn because the company shares a similar vision and is equally obsessed about using data and algorithms to connect prospects and employers”. The deal is for $120 million – 73% of which is in stock. LinkedIn wants to use the company’s expertise, data and special machine-learning algorithms to build its world Economic Graph, explained Deep Nishar, representing the social network. LinkedIn will also include some of Bright’s employees to its team.

The company also announced its earnings for 2013, reporting a revenue of $447.2 million for the fourth quarter – a 47% increase from the same period of 2012. However, the net income dropped from $11.5 million to $3.8 million. LinkedIn has 277 million members and gets about 2 new members every second, according to their statistics.

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